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Is Daken becoming an actual hero? Much to his dismay, the son of Wolverine just might be...
Romulus stands revealed; after meeting this spiritual father, now Logan's going to meet a Son... A Son of a Hulk
We have fresh previews for Wolverine Origins, Dark Wolverine, & Deadpool: Merc W/ A Mouth shipping 10/21 from Marvel
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Marvel's Director of Animation Cort Lane stops by to chat about the new humor/action superhero show
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Independent animation studio Aniboom is launching a contest to find the next creator of Marvel Motion Comics
Christopher McQuarrie has been named writer of the big-screen WOLVERINE sequel and Bryan Singer to direct BATTLESTAR GALACTICA
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The Best Shots team is sans-Troy this week, but compensated with reviews of tons of comics
Co-writers Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu walk Newsarama readers through the first few pages of this week's Wolverine #75 and introduce us to Daken
Marvel today released a teaser image featuring a mutilated Wolverine with the words, "The End" on it. But what end?
Courtesy of Marvel Comics, we've got a look at this week's Wolverine: Weapon X #3 by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney
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