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Writer Seth Peck put his comic book aspirations on hold for a few years, but is now back and making his Marvel debut
The increasingly busy Rob Williams talks teaming with Simone Binachi for three issues with Wolverine, Deadpool and the gang
Preview UNCANNY X-FORCE #8, WOLVERINE #8, and WOLVERINE AND JUBILEE #4 from Marvel, out April 20, 2011
Graeme McMillan takes a look at Marvel's Point One initiative, the stated purpose, & the results and asks, what was the point?
Preview DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE #8, UNCANNY X-FORCE #7, UNCANNY X-MEN #535, X-MEN LEGACY #247, from Marvel April 13, 2011
Unlettered preview of May's MOON KNIGHT #1 from Marvel Comics and by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.
As announced at WonderCon 2011, Wolverine and Cyclops are on a collision course set to change the X-Verse for good
Rick Remender, Jason Aaron and editor-in-chief Axel Alonso discussed the latest with Marvel's mutants Saturday in SF
Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen deliver the most anticipated event of 2011, as Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man and the rest of Ea...
Five-page unlettered preview of WOLVERINE #8 by Jason Aaron and Daniel Acu?a, the finale of ?Wolverine Vs. The X-Men."
In a spiritual sequel to last year's MARVEL UNIVERSE VS. PUNISHER, Logan is the target in MARVEL UNIVERSE VS. WOLVERINE
Writer Christopher Yost talks his mysterious new X-MEN story, FIRST TO LAST, uniting Silver Age and the modern day
Marvel's week of "MMXI: The Year Of The X-Men" press conferences continues, with Kieron Gillen talking UNCANNY X-MEN
Come April, Rob Williams takes over as the new writer of DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE, and he tells Newsarama about where the character's headed
CLA$$WAR writer Rob Williams is taken over DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE as of that comic's Point One issue, out in April.
Wolverine has been through Hell lately (yes, literally), and the series writer talks his slow journey out of it
Preview WOLVERINE #6, WOLVERINE AND JUBILEE #2, UNCANNY X-FORCE #5, from Marvel Feb 16, 2011
You want quick reviews of this week's comics? You got it, including BATMAN AND ROBIN and a fateful AMAZING SPIDER-MAN