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Come April, Rob Williams takes over as the new writer of DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE, and he tells Newsarama about where the character's headed
CLA$$WAR writer Rob Williams is taken over DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE as of that comic's Point One issue, out in April.
Wolverine has been through Hell lately (yes, literally), and the series writer talks his slow journey out of it
Preview WOLVERINE #6, WOLVERINE AND JUBILEE #2, UNCANNY X-FORCE #5, from Marvel Feb 16, 2011
You want quick reviews of this week's comics? You got it, including BATMAN AND ROBIN and a fateful AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
With FEAR ITSELF just about two months away, Marvel debuts the Steve McNiven-illustrated cover for issue #1
Preview DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE #5, DEADPOOL & CABLE #26, WOLVERINE: BEST THERE IS #3, shipping from Marvel Feb 2, 2011
Marvel's new weekly miniseries, 5 RONIN, ships in March and stars Wolverine and more, writer Peter Milligan talks about it
Peter Milligan's March-shipping weekly miniseries stars Wolverine, Hulk and more, here's a preview of the first issue.
Preview clips from the upcoming DVD release of Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther includes Cyclops and Wolverine taking on Juggernaut, Storm's...
Artist Ron Garney talks about his work with Jason Aaron on the upcoming Ultimate Captain America and past work on Wolverine: Weapon X.
Writer Marjorie Liu talks about X-23, S&M research for a new novel about a dominatrix and her new game, Tiger Eye.
Announced last week, Peter Milligan's 5 RONIN hits weekly in March, and Wolverine is the focus of the first issue.
Wolverine's family members X-23 and Daken are set to tangle this March, in a Marvel crossover titled COLLISION
Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke, Hulk and Punisher are the 5 RONIN, subject of a March miniseries written by Peter Milligan
Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men & Blade anime, more animated and motion comic series are in store for Jeph Loeb's re-imagined Marvel TV.
Writer Rick Remender talks to Newsarama about the #1 selling Uncanny X-Force (With Teases!).
UNCANNY X-FORCE #2 continues the black ops team's assault on little boy Apocalypse, and here's a preview from Marvel.