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Zack Smith's exploration of webcomics continues with a talk with DINOSAUR COMICS Ryan North.
Zack Smith's jaunt into webcomics continues with a talk with THE WORMWORLD SAGA's Daniel Lieske.
"Heroes" actor Todd Stashwick and "X Men Noir" artist Dennis Calero have a webcomic together now, and talk about how it came about through Twitter.
Jason Little's Bee is back, and on a bike going cross-country to discover the world and herself!
The long-running webcomic with a CLERKS-style look at movie theatre employees makes its way to print.
Arsenic Lullabies: at heart the title is a contradiction, and this dark humor-fueled comic continues that contradiction all the way through.
Co-Executive Producer Mark Verheiden talks to Newsarama about the upcoming alien invasion series on TNT, "Falling Skies" aka "Steven Spielberg Alie...
The webcomics sensation written by a six-year old and illustrated by his older brother comes to Dark Horse axe in hand!
One of the imprint's success stories talks about today's news, and the shift to DC's iPad/iPhone apps and PlayStation
Jason Youngbluth has taken some very familiar characters, aged them, and thrown them into a wartorn future in "Weapon Brown"
They have Marvel. They have DC. They have Boom, and Kirkman. They have iPhone, iPad, and Web. So who is ComiXology, & how did they do this? Oh, and...
Alex de Campi is back in comics with a story made straight for digital, & made for the entire world. We speak w/ the writer
Dirk Manning's 13 Tales of Terror are seeing print in the new collection of webcomic Nightmare World
Dwight L MacPherson talks about his webcomic, now published weekly online at Zuda.
Comixology is serializing a comic- for free- and we have the details here for you, courtesy of the creators themselves.
The primer is a collection of 16 original stories by the premiere webcomics collective, act-i-vate
The Act-i-vate artist talk about the coming of web based comics and their future.
The Act-i-vate artist talk about the coming of web based comics and their future.