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After using a quote from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns to announce Batman's next movie appearance, Zack Snyder will meet with the writer/artis...
Comic-Con International 2013 trailer for the new season. Premieres in October.
One of the eight assassins featured in Batman: Arkham Origins is unveled at Comic-Con International 2013 in San Diego.
The box office success of the Superman reboot unsurprisingly looks like a good sign for more DC movies, including JUSTICE LEAGUE.
Though the Superman reboot didn't get another weekend on top of the box office, it's closing in on $400 million worldwide.
Though the movie isn't out for another nine months, the first trailer for 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE is out in the world,
Reviews for the new Superman movie are coming in fast, and ranging from high praise to in the middle.
Though the movie isn't out for another few days, Deadline is reporting that a sequel to the Superman reboot is a done deal.
MARVEL HEROES, the free-to-play MMORPG is live today, and we have a brand-spanking-new launch trailer for you.
Superman gets a special anniversary logo, a new animated short by familiar names, and more as DC Comics pushes their marquis character.
The new Avenger's animated series is set to take off, check out the latest preview.
Another look at the Superman reboot squarely focuses on present-day action, with lots of Zod and a peek at Kal-El's heat vision.
Marvel's scrappiest mutant has a new journey to go on in July, and it all starts with a trip to Japan. Ninja, Samurai, and the dream of dying in TH...
We take a look at the big summer promised from TITAN COMICS this week, starting with RAZORJACK by John Higgins, the colorist of Watchmen.
Take control of Deathstroke in the the game's challenge mode. Set to be released worldwide on October 25, 2013.
Star Trek's original prop shuttlecraft will be heading to the Johnson Space Center's visitors attraction, once its restoration team is done. SPACE....
The next LEGO game goes into the world of Marvel Comics! Preview some of the characters and craziness you'll experience in this debut trailer.
Paul talks about what coming up with Wolverine in 2013.