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Daniel Logan has reprised his role from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in the Cartoon Network animated series and talks about the lasti...
The Star Wars animated series star talks to Newsarama about the new season.
The voice of the Sith lord talks about the influence of Star Wars and the new season of Clone Wars.
The story of a video game bad guy gone good is coming soon from Disney, and we have the latest trailer for you right here! Wreck-it Ralph hits thea...
It's day-of reviews of the eventful AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #11, along with BEFORE WATCHMEN: THE COMEDIAN and WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN
The Walking Dead is returning in October, and creator Robert Kirkman takes us behind the scenes and into the famous Prison set!
Sunday, September 9, 2012. Midnight. It's Robot Chicken. It's DC Comics. Geoff Johns, Zeb Wells, and the rest of the Robot Chicken team go after yo...
The Mutant Leader gives a televised declaration of War on Gotham in this preview of the DC Universe animated original movie.
It's a pair of day-of-release reviews, getting very different reactions: BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #3 and AVX: VS #5
Trailer for the upcoming movie set to hit theaters on September 21, 2012.
Marvel has produced a video trailer for the hardcover collection of the yet-to-be completed limited series event.
Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has an urgent warning for you and your fellow Avengers as he helps tease the new upcoming mobile game.
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment revealed that Catwoman, DC Comics' feline fatale, will be featured in the upcoming supe...
The countdown you knew was coming: Here's the performances we're not so hot on. Prepare your outrage now.
Here's the first glimpse (outside of Comic-Con) of Zack Snyder's 2014 Superman film, with a domestic and international clip
We saw new clips at Comic-Con International: San Diego from Season 5 that show off Deathwatch, Obi-Wan, and more big action. Now, you can too!
NASA and Microsoft's free Kinect interactive Xbox game lets players try to land the Curiosity Rover. Watch Danielle Dallas Roosa - granddaughter of...
Renowned Chef & New York Times bestselling author Anthony Bourdain talks Get Jiro! He's joined by Joel Rose and Langdon Foss at SDCC 2012