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Perhaps smelling blood in the water, UbiSoft has dropped plans to create a videogame based on NBC's Heroes
It hits stores today, but you can get a little taste of it right now and right here on Newsarama
Did Heroes get moving in the right direction this week? Short answer, yes, as Arthur Petrelli weighs heavily in the storyline
The robots in disguise will pull you into their world as the Transformers will get full-on 3D rides at Universal Studios in Singapore and Hollywood
The co-star of the big-screen adaptation of Mark Millar's Icon series 'Kick-Ass' knows his comic book stuff
Mark Millar's Superman: Red Son and Batman Black and White stories will join the lineup of Warner Premiere's Motion Comics
Image Comics hosted their panel Sunday at the Baltimore Comic Con, announcing that Mark Millar is moving Chosen to the publisher, more from Man of ...
Mark Millar's Hollywood magic continues. His latest creation 'War Heroes' with Tony Harris will get the big-screen treatment by Sony
Mark Millar told us that he'd be returning to the Ultimate Universe, and today he spills the details - Ultimate Avengers, a new series featuring......
The Marvel Universe will apparently be a dark place after Secret Invasion, including a new 'Dark Avengers' title
We caught up with the ever-busy Mark Millar to talk about the upcoming Kick-Ass movie, from the casting to the worries about the violence
Mark Millar tells us that he's helped out on Wanted 2, but only for film - and reaffirms that there won't be any comic book sequels
Image Comics has provided Newsarama with your first look at the variant cover to Mark Millar and Tony Harris' War Heroes #2 by Tommy Lee Edwards
Steve Fritz takes a look at the DVD collection of NBC's Heroes Season 2, and finds that, despite the season being truncated by the writer's strike,...
Marvel has provided Newsarama with an exclusive look at October's "Marvel Apes" variant cover to Fantastic Four #561
'The Dark Knight' & 'Wanted' co-star Morgan Freeman was seriously injured in a car crash Monday
Brandon Jerwa tells us about Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts, a September miniseries focusing on the lives of a black ops Viper squadron that was left...
We sit down with Top Cow's Marc Silvestri for an in-depth interview about his inspirations, his start, his career to date and much more.