EXPLORE 'Wanted' - On the Page & on the Screen

Mark Millar sits down with Newsarama to talk about his telling of the Book of Revelation in the three-part American Jesus
The trade paperback comes out this week, and you can read the first full issue of Millar's controversial series
New-to-comics writer Adam Felber talks with Newsarama about his upcoming Skrull Kill Krew miniseries at Marvel and...Skrull cow offspring
With the plan for the Ultimate Universe becoming clearer, Mark Millar spills more about the Ultimate Avengers
With Old Man Logan coming to an end, Mark Millar tells us that the final part will be extra sized, and he'd love to go back someday
Caprica, the spinoff/ prequel to Battlestar Galactica will debut on DVD and digital download on April 21st
2008 was going to be the year of Mark Millar. It looks like the writer is claiming some of 2009 as well
The final ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica start tonight. Don't know what's going on? We can help
We wrap up our annual tradition of Image first issues today with War Heroes #1
Marvel has released a preview of this week's Fantastic Four #562
Top Cow has announced a plan to put loads of its comics in shops in the comics year for free for new readers to try out
Marvel has released a preview to this week's Wolverine #70
Gerard Way gives us the scoop on what's going on with the movie version of The Umbrella Academy, and how it's moving quickly
Universal's latest animated entry tries to be a bedtime fable in the classic sense. But did it exceed TOO well?
Spin Master's Bakugan toy/ anime property is heading to film, through a Universal/ Stuber Productions deal
We sat down with Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik to look ahead at 2009 and heard about Cyberforce/ Hunter-Killer, Magdalena, Witchblade and more
How does dinner with Mark Millar sound? How does dinner with Mark Millar IN Scotland sound? Enter now for your chance
Some good moments in this week's episode, but wow - some head-bangingly bad ones as well. We dig into the "Our Father"