EXPLORE 'Wanted' - On the Page & on the Screen

Marvel's last panel of New York Comic Con boasted a roster of a-list creators and some news, live coverage is here
Mark Millar has teased, and now it is revealed: his new superhero project is on the big screen, & called Miracle Park
Vaneta Rogers concludes her in-depth interview with Mark Millar about his ongoing work in the Marvel ULTIMATE COMICS Universe
In our final part of our 5 part interview with Tony Harris, we talk War Heroes, his project with Millar, and more
Writer Mark Millar talks about the Kick-Ass comic and movie in conjunction with Titan Books, who are releasing the official companion book, "Kick-A...
Mark Millar is auctioning the name of... the MAIN Character in his newest property? And for a good cause?
In part 2 of Vaneta Rogers series, she and editor Tom Brevoort discuss the decision to relauch NEW AVENGERS 5 years ago
Courtesy of Titan Books, we have a first look preview of the book accompanying the movie, w/ EXCLUSIVE John Romita Jr.
This week's exclusive Image preview is a look at Mark Millar's WAR HEROES #3, and a bonus SAVAGE DRAGON 1st look
Mark Millar's popular Old Man Logan in back in a new Giant-Size special as he goes up against the Hulk Gang
Brandon is back with his follow up to last week's column, this time focusing on the second volume of Millar/Hitch Ultimates
The best Shots crew take a advanced look at this week's premieres of <b>Ultimate Comics Spider-Man</b> & <b>Avengers</b>
The crazy Scottsman had control of the room, and answered a bunch of fan questions after showing 20 mins of Kick-Ass Footage
Freelance Illustrator Jason Reeves chats about his beginning comics work, his dream projects, and more
Two new Ultimate Comics titles premiere next week and we have 1st look previews of both SPIDER-MAN and THE AVENGERS
Brandon loves comics. In this edition of the column, he goes in-depth with Millar/Hitch's Ultimates run to tell you why
Mark Millar says goodbye to the FF and we have an exclusive 1st look preview @ his final issue
Rick Remender's Fear Agent is currently in "early development" at Universal as the latest part of the Uni-Dark Horse deal