EXPLORE 'Wanted' - On the Page & on the Screen

In light of big change coming to the title, several past FF creators talk what's made the book last for 50 years
Here's a look at Mark Bagley's first released cover back at Marvel, and an AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 homage.
The latest Marvel series to get a same day digital release is the DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN story, starting in February
Mark Millar & Steve Dillon vampire-take on the Ultimate Avengers continues and we have an exclusive preview.
Marvel Comics has provided a couple of cover images from the upcoming Ultimate Comics storyline DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN.
Marvel's last panel of New York Comic Con boasted a roster of a-list creators and some news, live coverage is here
Mark Millar has teased, and now it is revealed: his new superhero project is on the big screen, & called Miracle Park
Vaneta Rogers concludes her in-depth interview with Mark Millar about his ongoing work in the Marvel ULTIMATE COMICS Universe
In our final part of our 5 part interview with Tony Harris, we talk War Heroes, his project with Millar, and more
Writer Mark Millar talks about the Kick-Ass comic and movie in conjunction with Titan Books, who are releasing the official companion book, "Kick-A...
Mark Millar is auctioning the name of... the MAIN Character in his newest property? And for a good cause?
In part 2 of Vaneta Rogers series, she and editor Tom Brevoort discuss the decision to relauch NEW AVENGERS 5 years ago
Courtesy of Titan Books, we have a first look preview of the book accompanying the movie, w/ EXCLUSIVE John Romita Jr.
This week's exclusive Image preview is a look at Mark Millar's WAR HEROES #3, and a bonus SAVAGE DRAGON 1st look
Mark Millar's popular Old Man Logan in back in a new Giant-Size special as he goes up against the Hulk Gang
Brandon is back with his follow up to last week's column, this time focusing on the second volume of Millar/Hitch Ultimates
The best Shots crew take a advanced look at this week's premieres of <b>Ultimate Comics Spider-Man</b> & <b>Avengers</b>
The crazy Scottsman had control of the room, and answered a bunch of fan questions after showing 20 mins of Kick-Ass Footage