EXPLORE 'Wanted' - On the Page & on the Screen

It's back to the comic book/genre world for Sam Jackson, cast as the lead villain in Mark Millar's THE SECRET SERVICE adaptation.
If there was one prevailing sense from the 2 Guns press conference, it's that everyone involved loved making this movie. See why inside.
Fox's creative consultant on their Marvel properties, Mark Millar, says there are some "golden franchises" left to mine in the X-MEN universe.
Kick-Ass 2 is on the way, and the stars of the film tell Newsarama what to expect.
Following early reports, The Hollywood Reporter says Jeff Wadlow is writing, and possibly directing, Fox's live-action X-FORCE movie.
The Image Expo brought multiple announcements coming from the publisher, including a new Brubaker/Epting collaboration.
Jim Carrey says he won't be lending his support to KICK-ASS 2, which he has a starring role in, and creator Mark Millar responds.
It's early reviews of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s KICK-ASS 3 #1, plus SKULLKICKERS and MICE TEMPLAR.
How does Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's first collaboration in years turn out? Pretty darn good!
A new, R-rated fight scene clip from KICK-ASS 2 and perhaps some positive MAN OF STEEL buzz building?
R.I.P.D.'s first trailer, with Ryan Reynolds as yet another new comic character, debuts right here!
Two trailers that make Mark Millar a very happy man debuted Wednesday morning, THE WOLVERINE & a new KICK-ASS 2.
Mark Millar talks about his meeting with Bryan Singer, plus Magneto is going to marry Professor X no, really
The kids of KICK-ASS are back, with a bunch of new friends and a whole lot of brutality.
Matthew Vaughn is staying in the Fox/Marvel family, and joining the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR reboot film as a producer
Mark Millar will serve as a consultant for Fox's upcoming Marvel films, including X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR
The latest teasers promote a 'Wanted' new series from Hopeless and Larroca, and Humphries and Garney's 'Killers'
Based on a tweet from director Jeff Wadlow, Jim Carrey appears to be officially on board as The Colonel