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Jim Carrey says he won't be lending his support to KICK-ASS 2, which he has a starring role in, and creator Mark Millar responds.
It's early reviews of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s KICK-ASS 3 #1, plus SKULLKICKERS and MICE TEMPLAR.
How does Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's first collaboration in years turn out? Pretty darn good!
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Two trailers that make Mark Millar a very happy man debuted Wednesday morning, THE WOLVERINE & a new KICK-ASS 2.
Mark Millar talks about his meeting with Bryan Singer, plus Magneto is going to marry Professor X no, really
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Matthew Vaughn is staying in the Fox/Marvel family, and joining the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR reboot film as a producer
Mark Millar will serve as a consultant for Fox's upcoming Marvel films, including X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR
The latest teasers promote a 'Wanted' new series from Hopeless and Larroca, and Humphries and Garney's 'Killers'
Based on a tweet from director Jeff Wadlow, Jim Carrey appears to be officially on board as The Colonel
KICK-ASS 2 is officially on the way for Summer 2013. Find out when, and who else is joining up, inside!
Now titled NEMESIS RETURNS, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's creator-owned follow-up has moved from September to January
AvX tie-in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #14 and BEFORE WATCHMEN: COMEDIAN #2 both get reviewed, plus a couple more
Rob Liefeld brings us up to speed on his work, including Hawkman Wanted and he talks about the early days using a fax machine. SDCC
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