EXPLORE Vampires

With THE VAMPIRE DIARIES back on TV, and DC's I, VAMPIRE on comic stands, Alan Kistler has some genre recommendations
The FEAR ITSELF tie-in lands in September, and Marvel is promising major ramifications for Hulk's future.
Samurai. Vampires. Crazy gory violence. Why do we need to type any more to get you to see the preview of SHINKU #2?
In a new spin-off mini-series of American Vampire, artist Sean Murphy jumps into the blood-sucking world.
Buffy relaunches with Season 9 #1, and a slew of returning Dark Horse series mark fall's first month.
Tomm Coker & Daniel Freedman tell the story of an ex-soldier going up against a vampire army to save the immortal life of his vampire girlfriend!
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The latest FEAR ITSELF tie-in sees a member of the Worthy - The Hulk - fighting Marvel's vampires, led by Dracula
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In WOLVERINE & JUBILEE: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS, Kathryn Immonen and Phil Noto reunite the radically changed mutant duo
Wolverine's already an X-Man and an Avenger, but he's recently added something new to his CV: vampire.
Don't get Emo with Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8. Just punch a vamp in the face instead!