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It's the finale of the only OFFICIAL Prologue to Top Cow's ARTIFACTS, which premiered this week, and it's a doozy.
The Best Shots crew has advance looks from Top Cow, Dynamite, and more for you this week. Make with the clicky!
Top Cow promises they have some surprises in store with new announcements and more on Artifacts, their big event comic
In the latest official ARTIFACTS Prologue, there's only one week left, and we look at Pandora's Box
Ron Marz is bringing Necromancer into Witchblade, and gave us the scoop on the return of this character
Top Cow keeps the SDCC coming with a teaser image for...something. Guess away!
Top Cow has new exclusive covers of some of their major releases,including Velocity and Darkchylde
Top Cow has Artifacts #1, Marc Silvestri, and portfolio reviews amongst much more at SDCC 2010
@TopCow is holding an #ARTIFACTS Twitter Contest. Details are inside!
The OFFICIAL ARTIFACTS Prologue rolls on, with only a few weeks until its official start, we turn to a new one, the Heartstone
Robert Kirkman & Marc Silvestri tell the story of a sci-fi superheroine who saves lives even when she's toxic to them.
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It may be a vacation day, but the Best Shots team is here, bigger than ever, & with a bevy of reviews of recent comics.
A new two-part story kicks off with the artist of Pilot Season: Stealth, the Russian Mob, and some big Top Cow action!
In the OFFICIAL #ARTIFACTS Prologue, Explore the legend of the great King Solomon to learn what his Artifact may have in store for our characters
Can Top Cow's scarlet-haired speedster outrun a deadly virus that's infected her and the rest of Cyberforce? VELOCITY miniseries writer Ron Marz is...
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You've been reading our Prologue, now take a 5 page, colored/lettered look at Artifacts #1!