Marvel's THE AVENGERS is hitting theaters on May 4th. Take a quick look at the film in the lastest TV spot.
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Marvel's THE AVENGERS is hitting theaters on May 4th. take a quick look at the film in the lastest TV spot.
Marvel's THE AVENGERS is just a hair over a month away, and we have Tony Stark doing a quick roster check for the villainous Loki here in this new ...
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Marvel's THE AVENGERS is coming to theaters on May 4, 2012, but a new trailer shows off a little more of the action ahead of the release.
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The extended movie preview aired during Super Bowl XLVI on The Avengers' Facebook page.
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Preview INCREDIBLE HULK #4, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #633, AVENGERS 1959 #5, SECRET AVENGERS #21, from Marvel Jan 11, 2012.