EXPLORE Superman

The Daily Planet is down one intrepid reporter as Scott Lobdell takes Clark Kent away from his iconic job.
Actor Daniel Cudmore discusses his roles as the X-MEN's Colossus, HALO's Master Chief, a TWILIGHT vampire and even his audition for SUPERMAN.
The writer talks shop with Newsarama at New York Comic Con 2012.
Warners Bros. got a key legal ruling Wednesday in their copyright battle over SUPERMAN with the Joe Shuster estate.
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The new Action Comics writer talk shop with Newsarama @ NYCC 2012.
New Jim Lee/Scott Synder Superman, JLA, Bat 'Family', Trinity War and more from the DC Comics' co-publisher at New York Comic Con 2012.
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Ultimate Captain America is the latest superhero to moonlight as an elected official, but he's not the first
Scott Lobdell's SUPERMAN run is coming up and we take a look with the writer at what fresh H'el he has for our hero.
DC Comics as a new Who's Who in the back of their New 52 #0 issues, and the first appearances of all their characters are now 2011.
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