EXPLORE Superman

Though the movie isn't out for another few days, Deadline is reporting that a sequel to the Superman reboot is a done deal.
The New 52 celebrates its two-year anniversary with VILLAINS MONTH, and here's our monthly DC Comics solicitations analysis.
We have images and clips from all over the superhero Hollywood, and you don't want to miss them.
MAN OF STEEL is coming in June, and there have been a plethora of trailers and TV Spots for the movie. See all of them here!
The final, fully colored and lettered Jim Lee-drawn four-page double-side poster has been revealed, and we have it here.
Seven more covers and solicitations for the SUPERMAN, GREEN LANTERN, TEEN TITANS, and BATMAN/SUPERMAN titles as part of DC's VILLAINS MONTH.
Because you haven't had enough MAN OF STEEL yet, take a look at this new gallery of stills from the film!
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Superman Unchained #1 hits stores in just two weeks, and we have all the variant covers from some comic book legends here!
Superman gets a special anniversary logo, a new animated short by familiar names, and more as DC Comics pushes their marquis character.
Another look at the Superman reboot squarely focuses on present-day action, with lots of Zod and a peek at Kal-El's heat vision.
DC Comics and Sears are sponsoring MAN OF STEEL Day, giving away free copies of All-Star Superman #1 at comic book stores.
The next Scribblenauts game from WBIE reaches into the DC portfolio with over 2,000 characters in unique all-ages adventures.
Greg Pak, in his DC Comics debut, is writing the first meeting between Superman and Batman as they jaunt off to an adventure in Earth 2.
In an exclusive clip from SUPERMAN: UNBOUND, coming out May 7, 2013, Lois takes on Brainiac as he attacks the Daily Planet.
Move over, Stark, another superhero is flying into theaters this summer, and the new poster shows exactly that!
Kenneth Rocafort talks about drawing Superman at C2E2 2013.
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