EXPLORE Superman

Villains Month is upon us at DC Comics, and we have an exclusive preview, plus three more including DARKSEID.
Coupled with Flashpoint Paradox's release, a new featurette shows a first look at the next movie from DC Animation, the New 52-based Justice League...
With a new BATMAN vs SUPERMAN movie on the way from WB, George ranks the best superhero rivalries, friendly and not
After using a quote from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns to announce Batman's next movie appearance, Zack Snyder will meet with the writer/artis...
Take a look at what's coming up in the Superman family of titles here at one of the last panels of the convention!
DC is celebrating Superman's 75th anniversary with Grant Morrison, Tim Daly, Paul Levitz and more talking comics' first superhero.
DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and DC Comics artist and co-publisher Jim Lee show off the Hero Creator from the upcoming SCRIBBLENAUT...
Comic-Con International in San Diego is nearly here, and we selected 10 panels likely to be among the most newsworthy of the show.
Whether due to possession or a lack of options, sometimes even the noblest of superheroes take a life. Graeme finds 10 noticeable instances.
With TRINITY WAR just a day away, writer Geoff Johns walks viewers through the basis of the plot in a new video released by DC.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and THOR: THE DARK WORLD will both hit San Diego, plus a Superman anniversary panel and more.
Greg Pak plans to bring Superman back down to Earth a bit, somewhat surprisingly in the book called Action Comics.
The star of MAN OF STEEL says he hopes that a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie happens later rather than sooner.
He's making his DC Comics debut this week with Batman/Superman, but writer Greg Pak makes an even bigger splash with Clark Kent this fall.
The long-time, fan-favorite writing team answers questions about their new future-DC series JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000.
The JLI team of Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire are reuniting for JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000, featuring future versions of DC icons.
The box office success of the Superman reboot unsurprisingly looks like a good sign for more DC movies, including JUSTICE LEAGUE.
Though the Superman reboot didn't get another weekend on top of the box office, it's closing in on $400 million worldwide.