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The Best Shots crew has quick takes on SILVER SURFER, GREEN LANTERN and other less spacebound characters
The Best Shots team has your bite-sized reviews for this week, from Buffy to Spidey and everything in between.
With the end of Sterling Gates' and Jamal Igle's run on Supergirl, Jill takes a look at what made it great.
Artist Jamal Igle talks to Newsarama about ending his long run on Supergirl with Sterling Gates with issue #59.
This week's quick takes includes the new MAN WITHOUT FEAR, Gates and Igle's last issue of SUPERGIRL, and a whole lot more
The final issue of Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle's run has Cat Grant, the JLA and a holiday theme.
Check out exclusive previews of Supergirl #58 and Legion of Super-Heroes #7, both shipping from DC Comics November 17
Newsarama talks with Sterling Gates about his long run on Supergirl at NYCC 2010.
Courtesy of DC Comics, here's looks at SUPERGIRL #57 and BRUCE WAYNE - THE ROAD HOME: COMMISSIONER GORDON.
Newsarama talks to Laura Vandervoort (Lisa, Queen Anna's Daughter) from the V television series about her character, also talks about playing Super...
Supergirl returns to Smallville with a new/old look, and we have the preview clips right here for you.
After last night's Cat Grant episode, take a look at this gallery of images from next week's episode, "Supergirl!"
An up-and-coming writer at DC is taking an issue of Superman/Batman... but replacing both characters with Protegés!
Following J.H. Williams III on any project is a difficult proposition. Amy Reeder is ready to take on the character he made famous, though.
DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS are returning to duty, with new variant covers in August as well as an ongoing comic series in 2016.
It looks like the Superman we all know and love may be on his way back. Here's our look at what's in store for him in April
The team is back, delayed by winter storms, with looks at some of the biggest books from last week
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