EXPLORE Supergirl

Also Robert Downey, Jr. portends a return to Atlanta for more Marvel filming.
CBS has released stills from the upcoming episode.
Check out a clip of this week's episode of SUPERGIRL.
Also THE WALKING DEAD FX artist pays homage to BERNIE WRIGHTSON, and an AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. has a secret SUPERGIRL tattoo.
The network changes the originally intended episode to air November 16.
The U.S. military's new cyborg gets a fist from Supergirl.
'How Does She Do It?' will delve into the balancing act of her secret identity.
SUPERGIRL soared in ratings when it premiered, but it's started to even out in its continuing episodes.
A new clip shows SUPERGIRL fighting REACTRON with National City hanging in the balance.
SUPERGIRL has found an unlikely ally in Miranda Crane, a politician with an anti-alien agenda.
Emma Caulfield will play the cult favorite DC comic book character.
Our own Lan Pitts takes a critical look at the show's first episode.
We attempt to recap the un-recap-able. But Helen Slater is awesome!
Red Tornado, Reactron and more.