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Is SUPERGIRL using a character DC doesn't own anymore? Not so fast.
And yes, it includes a few animals too.
SUPER GIRL Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that BIZARRO will show up on CBS's Supergirl in 2016.
Now that Martian Manhunter stands revealed on SUPERGIRL, it looks like the White Martians will join him.
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David Harewood's Hank Henshaw has been revealed as J'Onn Jonzz in CBS's SUPERGIRL.
Details about the series, which ties into the CBS show.
And a new episode of the animated series.
CBS's SUPERGIRL has added another villain in the form of SILVER BANSHEE.
Also a fan remixes the BATMAN v SUPERMAN trailer to feature Mario and Sonic.
Akin to her "New 52" powers or her cousin's Superflare? The jury's still out.
And a clip from the next episode shows an earthquake shaking up National City.
SUPERGIRL will now have an extra seven episodes for its first season.
Three new clips from an upcoming episode of SUPERGIRL have premiered online.