IDW has released 8 Archie-themed variant covers to celebrate Archie's 75th anniversary.
Simon Pegg entices fans to donate to STAR TREK BEYOND's Omaze charity campaign with some behind-the-scenes footage.
William Shatner and a host of STAR TREK alums to take part in and peform in 6-day Caribbean cruise.
Who do you think Idris Elba is playing? According to him, he's the captain of the ENTERPRISE.
NASA and STAR TREK have teamed up to issue a new sci-fi themed credit card.
Joe Taslim is said to be playing "key" role in the upcoming STAR TREK sequel.
Also check out a new poster for Fear The Walking Dead, and Amy Schumer's Star Wars themed GQ cover.
IDW Publishing announces plans for a special STAR TREK #50 and a new miniseries, STAR TREK: STARFLEET ACADEMY.
OK, so an Abrams-helmed, STAR TREK-esque, STAR WARS reboot isn't happening. But on Fourth Be With You - Star Wars Day, we play what if...
Variety cited unnamed sources that say that Idris Elba is in talks to be the primary antagonist in the upcoming STAR TREK 3.
Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy has passed away.
Deadline reports RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES in competition with four others for coveted spot.
Fictional worlds often like to look at a twisted, even more fictional, version of themselves, and here are some of the best.
Boom! & IDW team-up for an inter-company, inter-license battle royale between STAR TREK and PLANET OF THE APES.
IDW Publishing is bringing back The Next Generation's Q - but to the new Star Trek Movie universe.
Angry Birds come to print comics, plus all the Hasbro, creator-owned and more that you know and love.
STAR TREK producers reportedly in talks with CBS, according to Sky News reporter.
Ladies looking for some fresh geek apparel have a few good deals coming their way for New York Comic Con and Halloween