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Mayor Bloomberg & Marvel are teaming to promote New York City's free job placement resources it was announced Wed.
George Marston reviews all 101 issues of Spider-Man: Brand New Day. In one sitting. Seriously. It's the newest BEST SHOTS MEGAREVIEW And it's right...
New head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb talks to Newsarama about the live action TV agenda. MAKE YOUR CHOICE IN THE DISCUSSION
Joe Quesada talks about Spider-Man: One Moment in Time & Big Time and the end of the year shake-up of the Marvel Universe.
We have a big set of reviews for you today, with Force Unleashed 2, Fable 3, Sonic 4, & games without numbers in the title.
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This is the biggest change in Peter Parker's life in years and it's all happening in Amazing Spider-Man #648, from the new ongoing creative team of...
Zeb Well and Clayton Crain bring back CARNAGE and put Spider-Man and Iron Man in his sights. Here's an preview
Rhys Ifans has been cast as a villain in the 2012 SPIDER-MAN film, and reports say as Dr. Curt Connors -the Lizard
Marvel's last panel of New York Comic Con boasted a roster of a-list creators and some news, live coverage is here
The X-Men's increased interactions with the Marvel Universe as a whole continue with a four-issue team-up with Spider-Man
Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick talked her upcoming OSBORN miniseries in Marvel's latest conference call with press
A moment in time has come and gone, and David takes a look at what's happening in Spidey's life courtesy of Mark Waid
The WHAT IF? concept is back again, with more one-shots, a 200th issue and a FANTASTIC FOUR story by Stan Lee
Preview AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #643, SPIDER-MAN/FANTASTIC FOUR #3, WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #12, Shipping from Marvel Sept 15
Preview AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #641, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #642, shipping from Marvel September 9, 2010
Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions is coming to ALL major systems, and we look specifically at the Wii and DS versions here
We got to play Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions a month early and have our full impressions of all four worlds for you right here!