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AVENGERS VS. X-MEN launches this week, and the repercussions of past Marvel events hint at this one's potential impact
Courtesy of Marvel Comics, Newsarama has your first look at next week's Skrull Kill Krew
Marvel today released its Q4 2008 and Annual numbers, showing over 100% growth in net revenue and a slight increase in publishing for the quarter
With all that she's been through, now Elektra has to regain everything that she ever was. Zeb Wells tells Newsarama about the coming Dark Reign: El...
New-to-comics writer Adam Felber talks with Newsarama about his upcoming Skrull Kill Krew miniseries at Marvel and...Skrull cow offspring
John Siuntres continues his conversation with Brian Bendis, this time talking about Marvel Retreats, Spider-Woman and more
This week, A Comic Shop's Aaron Haaland tells you about the success they've seen by thinking outside the box - way outside the box
John Siuntres continues his conversation with Brian Bendis, in this edition talking about Infinity Gems, Skrull occupations and more
Diamond has released more sales data for December 2008, including Top 100 charts for comics and GN's
Diamond has released more year-end sales charts and market share data for 2008 in the comic book Direct Market
Marvel dominated the Top Ten monthly comics sold for 2008 while DC Comics owned the Top Ten graphic novels sold through Diamond
John Siuntres is back with Brian Bendis for a comprehensive view of what the writer has going on now, from New Avengers to Spider-Woman, Powers, To...
Marvel has released a preview of Secret Warriors #1, by Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli
Marvel has released a preview of this week's Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1
Marvel has released a preview for this week's New Avengers #48
We're again asking YOU to choose the media of the year, this time picking the 2008 Comic Book that ruled '08
Thunderbolts writer Andy Diggle spills the details of the new team, and just what they'll be doing under the thumb of Norman Osborn in "Dark Reign"
*UPDATED* with the distributor's Top 100 Graphic Novel sales chart for November