EXPLORE SDCC 2011 Thursday-DAY 1 Coverage Index

Abnett and Lanning tell us about the moral 180 they're doing with HEROES FOR HIRE, which includes the use of Stilt-Man
The Red Hulk targets the 'Middle Eastern Dr. Doom' this fall, and writer Jeff Parker fills us in on the implications
Join Gail Simone, Ashley Eckstein, Bryan Q. Miller and more in a panel about what women want from Sci-Fi Female Heroes!
Over 2 dozen preview images from DCnU titles, including most of the BATMAN titles, WONDER WOMAN, STORMWATCH and more.
Nearly 3 dozen new preview images from Marvel's NEXT BIG THING panel Thursday afternoon at Comic-Con.
What is in store for the Jedi and their friends in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 4? Find out from the producers and stars here!
What big plans does Marvel have for their diverse characters? Some of these plans will be revealed here, live!
Join editors writers and artists from the Batman corner of the DCU as they talk about pre & post-flashpoint plans!
BioWare and LucasArts promise some announcements at this final SDCC panel before release. What will they be? Tune in to find out!
After the shocking first season, where do they go from here? Producers, stars, and Martin himself talk about the show!
Join IDW for the "Greatest Panel of all time" as we cover their new announcements and updates live!
How about the original crew of the Starship Enterprise and DC's Legion for a sci-fi fanboy crossover dream come true?
Join us for the first of daily looks into the DCnU, those 52 brand new #1s shipping from DC Comics in September 2011!
What's next for Marvel's Digital group? Much more than just digital comics! Find out all the latest inside!
Take a trip into the twisted, brilliant mind of Grant Morrison in a panel covering his body of work.
Want to know everything about making your own webseries? Or just the inside scoop on The Guild and Dragon Age? We've got your answers here, live!
Microsoft and LucasArts are promising a big announcement at this kick-off panel for SDCC 2011, and we're covering it LIVE!
The American institution meets the American institution in a special 4-part storyline beginning in ARCHIE #627.