EXPLORE SDCC 2011 Thursday-DAY 1 Coverage Index

We spoke with Game Director James Ohlen at SDCC 2011 about release dates, pre-orders, companions, and more on SWTOR.
Dominic Monaghan's next project isn't a major TV series or a film you'll find in theaters. Millionaire Tour is coming out online.
Damon Lindelof isn't resting on his LOST laurels, instead returning to genre with Cowboys & Aliens and Prometheus.
We got some hands-on time with X-Men: Destiny at SDCC 2011, and found intriguing, if not deep play.
We sat down with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at San Diego Comic-Con, and got the inside scoop on what's to come.
How did your SDCC 2011 go? We have the Nerdy Bird's take right here, including cosplay, sketches, and more!
Comic-Con brought some answers as to DC's post-FLASHPOINT future, but also raises plenty of news ones
We talked at SDCC 2011 with Mac Walters, Lead Writer at BioWare about the Mass Effect games & comics, plus exclusive art!
We got to play Spider-Man: Edge of Time at SDCC 2011, and the game is looking "Amazing" 3 months ahead of its release.
There's always a lot to process coming out of San Diego, and here's Newsarama's list of the most important news from the con
This was the first time DC fans and DC execs and creators got together since the DC reboot was announced. How was their mood?
Saturday Comic-Con, panelists Mark Waid and Scott Kurtz discussed the rise of digital technology in the comic book medium.
Those "It's Either In You Or It's Not" teasers are now revealed, and the writer tells Newsarama about the new book
Day 4 of SDCC preview art from the September DCnU reboot continues with a ton of design sketches.
Marvel has been owned by Disney for two years now, so what's next for the partnership? Live coverage here!
Join the editors and creators behind the New 52 for the final DC panel of SDCC 2011!
Jim Lee, Cully Hamner and more talk about the task of redesigning DC's icons for the DCnU push in September
Join Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan for a look into the second half of the season and more!