EXPLORE SDCC 2011 Saturday DAY 3 Coverage Index

What do the ladies of the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy world think of the state of genre? Go straight to the source with this panel!
Our third helping of SDCC preview art from the September DCnU reboot, this time featuring the JUSTICE LEAGUE titles.
Want to know what superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee have in store for the Justice League? Join them and tons more here!
What's the release date of the Marvel Anime? What's the next step? We'll have all the news right here!
Another NEW batch of preview art from the September "New 52" reboot, this time featuring SUPERMAN titles.
What's coming in Uncharted 3? How does new technology bring about new gaming? Find out at this SDCC 2011 Panel!
Nate Cosby and Ben McCool's PIGS is now ongoing at Image Comics, and is bringing Dave Gibbons and Becky Cloonan along for the ride.
All the preview art Marvel is showing off Friday afternoon at Comic-Con from their AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (and friends) pan
What's new from the leading publisher of creator-owned comics? Find out at this panel from San Diego Comic-Con!
The writers of the big changes to Superman are coming together for this panel that is sure to reveal more!
Find out what the future holds for Spider-Man and his Avenging Friends in this panel from Marvel Comics!
Legendary Pictures has a huge slate of genre films on the way, and we'll be giving you the low-down LIVE!
The X-Men have been through a lot and it's not over, now in the midst of the SCHISM. See what's coming right here, Live!
The daily panel looking into the big relaunch hits with even more information about the DCnU in September and beyond!
Want to know what it's like to write in video games? Why not ask the writers of Halo, Gears of War, Dragon Age, and more!
THE UNWRITTEN's Mike Carey & Peter Gross detail the series new ".5" twice-monthly format starting in November.
Before the 2012 Marvel Studios movie, seven Avengers get their close-up in five one-shots from different creative teams
Christos Gage tells us what to expect this fall, including new school, new students, new teachers and a murder mystery