EXPLORE SDCC 2011 Saturday DAY 3 Coverage Index

Marvel's final major publishing panel of the weekend zeroes in on their big summer event, with announcements promised
Join us for a look at the early works of the Jim Henson company, plus a discussion about the upcoming Graphic Novel Tale of Sand.
Writer Bill Willingham talks about the new monthly FABLES spin-off series FAIREST, starring the popular 'princesses'.
The Marvel Architect behind FF and SHIELD talks his career in a Comic-Con interview/Q&A session
The artist of JUSTICE LEAGUE - and DC's co-publisher - gets his own panel Saturday at Comic-Con, and here's live coverage
See what's coming up for Dark Horse's BioWare comics with Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic!
The WALKING DEAD writer is scheduled to be joined by Brian K. Vaughan for what looks to be a noteworthy panel
The convention staple hits the biggest show of the year, as Marvel's chief creative officer takes center stage
Gallery of art debuting at Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel, part of Comic-Con International: San Diego 2011.
Frank Miller's long-awaited HOLY TERROR is the first release from Legendary's comic division, learn more here
Day 3 of SDCC preview art from the September DCnU reboot continues with images from THE DARK & THE EDGE titles.
See what the Batman experts think about his inner workings here at this panel from SDCC 2011!
Talent including Scott Snyder, Paul Cornell and Jeff Lemire discuss what to expect from the dark and edgy sides of the DCnU
Marc Silvestri, Mat Hawkins and Filip Sabak talk about the latest goings-on at THE COW, Saturday at Comic-Con, and we're there LIVE!
The traditional biggest day of Comic-Con sees DC brass gather for the third daily look at their September revamp
Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb will be bringing looks at the latest in AVENGERS and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN animation, and maybe more
The legendary Stan Lee will be on hand as new games X-MEN DESTINY and SPIDER-MAN: EDGE OF TIME are in the new spoltlight
DC's ring-bearers may by the line least changed in the DCnU, but there's still plenty post-"War" items to discuss