EXPLORE SDCC 2011 Friday DAY 2 Coverage Index

A gallery of images from the floor of Comic-Con International: San Diego 2011 Preview Night.
A new show premiering footage at SDCC 2011, Michael Green talks about ABC's THE RIVER.
Grant Morrison has a lot to talk about, but get him talking comics and it's a deluge. That's what we did here.
Ashley "Ahsoka Tano" Eckstein's geek chic for women, Her Universe, is bringing brand new items to Comic-Con and we have a first look here!
What does Dark Horse have up their sleeves for Fall 2011? And what did they reveal last night at SDCC? Find out inside!
What's happening in this spin-off of Doctor Who now that it's come to America? Find out in the panel live!
We'll be getting a sneak peek at Season 2 of the Robert Kirkman zombie adaptation and giving you the scoop here!
See what Relativity Media has in store with their Edgar Allen Poe adventure Raven and their ass-kicking Haywire!
See what Sony Pictures has coming up, with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and more on tap for showcase!
Find out what's up with the future of the Top Cow Universe and this year's Pilot Season straight from Marc Silvestri
Newsarama's Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. reports from Comic-Con with coverage of a panel all about superhero costumes
Over 2 dozen preview images from DCnU titles, including most of the BATMAN titles, WONDER WOMAN, STORMWATCH and more.