EXPLORE San Diego Comic Con 2010 Coverage Index

The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY fan-favorites get a four-issue series in January courtesy of Abnett and Lanning
We have a near-crazy amount of LIVE panels from SDCC 2010 on Friday, and they're all listed here!
Green Lantern Gets a game to go along with his new movie, but with an original storyline built around the movie universe
Join Vertigo writers, artists, and editors to learn about what comics from today are set to join yesterday's legends
It's a panel with the cast and crew of the upcoming Epic Epic of Epicness and we have it LIVE!
One of the biggest video game releases of the fall, which is also getting a new comic book series, has a panel with fresh announcements!
Find out what's next from the house of digital ideas right here in our live panel coverage at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2010!
Robert Kirkman took the stage to talk about everything he has going on at SDCC 2010, and well, he has a LOT going on!
It's DC Comics' 75th Anniversary, and some of their biggest names are here for the party! Join names like Levitz, Kahn, Lee, DiDio, and more for a ...
Fresh news from SDCC 2010, as Whedon makes it official in front of a live audience. He is directing Marvel's big-screen AVENGERS
This is an announcement-filled surprise fest from Marvel with writers, artists, editors, and books, books, books!
Only Comic-Con International: San Diego can bring two titans together; JJ Abrams & Joss Whedon take the stage for a conversation
Assassin's Creed continues to grow, and this SDCC 2010 panel discusses the future of Games, Comics, and maybe even more!
DC CCO. Writer/reviver of Green Lantern and Flash. Co-Writer of Brightest Day. Comics fans all know who Geoff Johns is, & this panel is their chanc...
Batman: The Widening Gyre is rocketing to its conclusion, and Editor Mike Marts joins some of the creative team to discuss the story
So, you want to write or draw for Marvel Comics? Join newly promoted SVP C.B. Cebulski & a cavalcade of creators to find out how!
DC Comics kicks off their Comic-Con International: San Diego with the big DC Nation panel. Tune in LIVE for coverage!
TRON is returning with Disney's decades-past due sequel, and we'll have all the fresh details for you here, LIVE!