EXPLORE San Diego Comic Con 2009

Steve quite liked the new Dr. Who special, out on DVD Tuesday July 28th
Radical Publishing's President talks to Newsarama about San Diego and the future of the company
Hear from writer Paul Dini and Batman and Joker themselves about the interactive tour of duty inside Arkham's crazy house
The DC/Vertigo character Christopher Chance - the 'Human Target' is headed for TV and had their moment @ Comic-Con
Some of Marvel's most talented creators closed out SDCC 09 with a candid discussion on the industry
Users of Google during the latter half of last week saw iconic DC characters in the search engines familiar logo
Top Cow somehow still had announcements left for their Saturday night panel, on both comics and film
Laura Martin has worked on major projects for several companies, but will now color Marvel books exclusively
DC's WildStorm had plenty to talk about at SDCC, and we have all the details inside
Two comic book icons took time out of SDCC to chat about the highly anticipated PS3/PC Game.
Fans lined up Sunday morning @ Comic-Con for a sneak peak at season 9 of the now long-running CW action-drama
No, it' not what you think. 'Heroes & Villains Entertainment is a new production company the Cow is partnering with
Marv Wolfman, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, and the DCUO Crew came together with info about new characters, environments, & features in the MMO
Next year, Top Cow will reveal the connecting pieces of their entire universe. Ron Marz talks about finding these Artifacts
A couple of Angels (1 Fallen)+a Spike ongoing + new limited series = tons of news for IDW fans inside
Tim Kring, creator of HEROES is looking for "Redemption". Will he earn in the series upcoming new season?
BOOM Studios hit SDCC hard, announcing a ton of new books and going into detail on Farscape
Aspen gathered their fans at Comic-Con and revealed news of a Soulfire big screen movie produced by Gale Ann Hurd