EXPLORE San Diego Comic Con 2009

The long-awaited Frank Miller project that used to star Batman but doesn't anymore gets a trailer released just in time for Comic-Con.
The end result of Dark Horse's recent teaser campaign is an adaptation of Guillermo del Toro's THE STRAIN
There will be no encore of last year's AVENGERS cast debut at Comic-Con this year, as the studio is skipping San Diego
San Diego gets more and more popular each year, and Newsarama talked to Comic-Con about the sellout and the future
Despite consideration of Los Angeles and Anaheim, Comic-Con International is staying in San Diego until at least 2015
Marvel is releasing new teaser images, this one focused on Daredevil and the fallout of SHADOWLAND
Join Vertigo writers, artists, and editors to learn about what comics from today are set to join yesterday's legends
It's a panel with the cast and crew of the upcoming Epic Epic of Epicness and we have it LIVE!
Robert Kirkman took the stage to talk about everything he has going on at SDCC 2010, and well, he has a LOT going on!
This is an announcement-filled surprise fest from Marvel with writers, artists, editors, and books, books, books!
The founder of Comic-Con International passed away in a hospital at age 76 yesterday
Michael Avila is finally recovered from Comic-Con and think television is the rising star of the annual geek mecca
On the last day of the convention, DiDio opened up to fans & held his usual open-call last panel
We caught a rough cut screening of Tom Jane's upcoming movie, and found it may have tried to be too many things
Rocker Gerard Way is used to the limelight, but at SDCC the focus was on his award-winning Comics
The meet nearly 6009 fans at Comic-Con and the met the press immediately afterward, confident in their work
Jeff Katz's 'American Original' is living up to its name, bridging the worlds of comedy and comics
Joss Whedon is busier than ever with a movie, TV, and comics, but he assures you, Dr. Horrible is coming