EXPLORE San Diego Comic Con 2009

Image kicks off their sizable convention presence with a panel full of announcements on new creator-owned goodness!
Want to know what Scott Snyder has planned for BATMAN beyond Night of the Owls? Here's where you'll find out!
Dark Horse's first panel of the convention isn't about their big licenses or new partnerships, it's about creator owned comics.
Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada talks to the fans about the latest in their ReEvolution digital efforts
Take a look at the fringes of the DC Universe, from the science fictional to the horrific red and green in this SDCC panel!
IDW opens up the con by talking G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and announcing a new Hasbro license
Marvel is teasing a new POINT ONE project, announced this week at Comic-Con and apparently featuring the Nick Fury
Ahead of SDCC, Dark Horse is showing off a new BALTIMORE story, and Christopher Golden gives us the exclusive first look.
It's almost time to head to San Diego for the biggest show of the year, and programming is now out for all four days
Frank Castle is the man targeting the Avengers in this week's "This is War" teasers, as revealed by Marvel
So, is Morgan Spurlock's Comic-Con documentary really a fan's hope? Not so much, says Seth Robison in this review.
TALE OF SAND and DAREDEVIL are among those getting multiple nods this year, click here for the full list of nominees
Comic-Con International: San Diego is a behemoth of a show, and ticketing just doesn't seem to be getting better. Jill takes a look at some possibl...
There's always a lot to process coming out of San Diego, and here's Newsarama's list of the most important news from the con
Jim Lee, Cully Hamner and more talk about the task of redesigning DC's icons for the DCnU push in September
The Marvel Architect behind FF and SHIELD talks his career in a Comic-Con interview/Q&A session
The convention staple hits the biggest show of the year, as Marvel's chief creative officer takes center stage
Gallery of art debuting at Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel, part of Comic-Con International: San Diego 2011.