EXPLORE San Diego Comic Con 2009

The Mark Millar comic book turned movie held court Thursday evening at Comic-Con. Did the panel kick ass?
The New Moon rose early as screaming fans who camped out overnight saw the cast & crew in SD
DC's most venerable team of superheroes are as vibrant as ever and took the spotlight Thursday at Comic-Con
Tim Burton, Alice In Wonderland, Tron: Legacy... aw, heck: JOHNNY DEPP!
Scholastic and Jeff Smith have announced all new BONE titles coming soon
Here's arguably the most influential creator in comics and he was in the spotlight Thursday at Comic-Con
It's not Comic-Con without Stan Lee, and without a new Stan Lee venture. This year he teams with Disney for 'Time Jumper'
What do Bat Boy, Brea Grant, Bob Schreck, & J. Scott Campbell have in common? IDW.
Warner Premiere & DC held an early panel to talk about their Motion Comic Initiatives and Free RED SON
Marvel Comics kicks off their San Diego Comic-Con programming with their all-encompassing look at the Marvel Universe
In WWII, a mission to Wakanda brought 2 great heroes together for the first time; here is that story
It was one of the first official program of Comic-Con '09, and we have a report from the Astro Boy panel
DC kicks off their Comic-Con 2009 programming with a panel focusing on the Superman, New Krypton & Earth
The 'Underworld' co-creator & 'Live Free or Die Hard' director will helm a big screen version of the Radical property
Vampirella: Second Coming is ready to launch from Harris Publishing. Newsarama spoke w/ those responsible
The DC Universe Executive Editor answers YOUR questions live on tape-delay video in his new July '09 round
METALOCALYPSE is coming to Dark Horse, and the creative minds are along for the ride
We've got a first hands-on with the upcoming brawler and two more playable characters