EXPLORE San Diego Comic Con 2009

Dark Horse is taking Felicia Day's hit web series The Guild to Comics
Bryan Lee O'Malley, Seth, and more joined together to sing the praises of the unrestrained Graphic Novel
David Goyer & Marc Guggenheim are venturing into the TV waters again, with a new sci-fi(ish) series on ABC
Robert Kirkman: The Man, The Myth, The Jokester, brings news of Invincible, Walking Dead, and more
Jim McCann, C.B. Cebulski, Christina Strain, and many more merry Marvelites want YOU creating with them. Find out how!
Refugee aliens and angles with machine guns are the stars of Sony's two new genre films, which they showed off Friday
The game is not going to adapt the movie, trying to avoid movie-game stigma. See what Fraction has to say
Darwyn Cooke, Greg Rucka, & more gathered at SDCC to talk about bringing more dark to comics, & we were there
The two contemporary filmmaking giants shared a stage @ Comic-Con to discuss the future of the craft
Daniel Acuña talks about his personal legacy with the X-Men so far, & what he's bringing to the comic
Charlie Huston is taking Deathlok back to the future in an all-new Marvel Knights tale, teased inside
The 2009 Eisner Award winners were announced at the annual ceremony Friday evening Friday evening at Ccomic-Con
Green Lantern and Superman/Batman are both headed to DVD in new animated adventures. DC showed them off
Disney's Comic Division was on hand at SDCC ready to talk about the coming Prince of Persia book
FOX's '24' was in the spotlight on July 24th at Comic-Con, previewing the upcoming season 8 for fans in San Diego
It still draws some of the bigger crowds at Comic-Con, many of them in costume. We have details from the Star Wars panel
In this special SDCC edition of Animated Shorts, Kyle moves beyond Animation to Live Action
Marvel Comics are ruling the big-screen but their animated fare isn't doing too badly either. Here's the latest