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This week, Jill takes a look at the failures and successes of superheroic and indie comic movies alike to see which is working better
This week, Jill rounds up Gail Simone's thoughts from the interwebs, and injects her own into the mix. Just don't expect any Wonder Woman talk!
In this week's column, Jill takes a look at the offerings of a favorite indie company, Archaia Comics, & tells you why you should too
In this week's column, Jill takes a look at some potential Superheroic Fathers, in honor of Fathers' Day
The Comic-Con International list of TV Shows attending has a disturbing trend... they're not even genre entertainment anymore! Jill takes a look
Even the layperson knows DC's "Trinity" of Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman. Who is Marvel's, and do they need one?
Jill "The Nerdy Bird" Pantozzi is back with another addition of her column, this time tackling BATMAN: XXX