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Jill comes back to her column form a couple months ago... is more than one too many Batmans? Take a look at her updated thoughts inside!
Jill Pantozzi, a self-professed Green Lantern fanatic, takes an in-depth look at the GL Trailer, and asks what you think of it!
Warning: Geek Girl Gushing inside over the modern fairytale she just enjoyed
Jill looks at the imaginative individuals pushing creativity to the limits with the 30 Characters challenge
This week's column gets down to the roots of.. oh, no. Please. They're coming! This is it! The Zombie Apocalypse! AHHHHHH!
Because we don't spend enough money on the comics themselves, Jill reminds us this week that there are tons of comic-RELATED things for us to buy t...
Jill bravely took on Speed Dating with nerds at New York Comic Con, and wrote about her experience for this week's column
New York Comic Con approaches, and our resident nerdy bird takes a look at the ultra busy (and fun) weekend ahead!
So a new Superman reboot is almost on the way, and Jill takes a look at some possible candidates
Jill takes a look at this week's big DC Comics news and tries to find the silver lining for fans
This week, Jill takes a look at SYNDROME, one of the first products from Archaia's Black Label of original graphic novels
Jill has a little fun with this week's column, positing what the Teen Titans have been doing with their summers
Jill take a look at this week's news that both Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson will be Batman, and is... less than enthused...
Wonder Woman Day is coming, and Jill tells you why you should be paying attention to a day celebrating the Amazing Amazon
Jill is back with advice to creators who want her to look at their web comics - put kitty cats in them!
After a week of recuperation from SDCC, Jill is back with speculation & her arguments of what Batman Villains should be in the next movie.
Jill lets you know what panels she'll be on this week at SDCC, and asks for your input on the world of Geek, girls and otherwise
This week Jill Pantozzi takes a look at "The Stuff of Legend" and how stuffed animals can go on kick-butt adventures