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GLaDOS is back, and while you're diving through portals once again, you can also read the official webcomic!
This week's column from Jill Pantozzi explains a new reason that Batman is better than Spider-Man: his live show.
Jill "The Nerdy Bird" Pantozzi is back from WonderCon & delivers her report on all the fun!
This week, Jill Pantozzi takes a look at SUCKER PUNCH & says it may have worked better if it was a comic book!
This week's column sees Jill Pantozzi making a "nerd bucket list" and asking what would be on yours!
Jill Pantozzi has been watching Young Justice... and well, she's not thrilled. Find out why inside!
With the sad & untimely passing of Dwayne McDuffie, Jill Pantozzi takes a moment to appreciate some creators now, while they're still around.
This week Jill Pantozzi reports on a major statement from Marvel and why it could be a very bad thing for fans.
This week Jill Pantozzi takes a look at a new graphic novel from Oni Press, & finds a unique balance in this High School tale.
This week, Jill Pantozzi takes a look at Eric Powell's video calling for diversity in comic genres & evaluates: helpful or not?
Jill Pantozzi takes a look at what we know so far about the Wonder Woman TV show and does some wondering of her own.
What the heck is Gotham High? And why the heck isn't it a beautiful reality? Find out in this week's HEY, That's My Cape!
This week, Jill talks about her journey into the Top Cow universe through their current crossover, Artifacts.
Year-in-review articles are inescapable this week, and Jill gets in on the fun with looks at digital comics, Dex-Starr and more
With the end of Sterling Gates' and Jamal Igle's run on Supergirl, Jill takes a look at what made it great.
Everybody wants something for the Holidays, so Jill takes a look at what showed up on some letters to Santa from Superheroes
Wanting to give the gift of comics this holiday season? Jill has plenty of ideas for folks who might not yet be fans
In honor of World AIDS Day, Jill devotes her column to getting the word out about several comic book-related charities