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Everybody's worried about female characters in comics, but Jill wants to take a moment this week to celebrate them!
Should there be a Netflix of comics? Could there be? Jill takes a look in her latest column.
Jill has taken a look at the passed-off pilot for Locke & Key, and found a lot of reasons for it to be picked up.
In this week's column, Jill lets her alter-ego Oracle take a moment to say a heartfelt goodbye to the way things were.
Jill may be known for her superhero love, but she breaks into Concrete to see what the indie title is all about.
What if the comic industry collapses? How could it happen? That's what Jill explores in this week's column.
This week, Jill takes a look at the webcomic Society of Unordinary Ladies, featuring... Punky Brewster & Small Wonder?
How did your SDCC 2011 go? We have the Nerdy Bird's take right here, including cosplay, sketches, and more!
Why aren't there any Harry Potter comics yet? The last movie is out this week! WHY? WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?
In this week's column, Jill Pantozzi takes a look at DC Comics' current social media outlook and suggests some ways to help.
The Nerdy Bird knows a thing or ten about cosplay, and gives her tips and tricks here.
This week Jill looks at some outside-the-box ideas for comic book movies, pitching her favorite future must-see blockbusters.
The Nerdy Bird plays the Needy Bird and hopes, nay, demands for 8 things to make the Green Lantern film a success.
Jill takes a break from all the DC news to... review a DC animated movie. Her thoughts on Green Lantern: Emerald Knights inside.
Jill Pantozzi takes a look at the big news and analyzes what a line wide relaunch really means.
Should comic book movies have a continuity or should they be self-contained? That's what Jill asks in this week's column
This week, Jill delivers the "final word" of what it is to be a geek, and sometimes a geek girl, and why defining yourself is okay.
Jill wonders what it would be like of superheroes celebrated national Take Your Kids to Work Day.