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Jill's latest column talks about the pluses of each GL appearing in a Justice League movie, and makes an announcement.
THE AVENGERS could not be the gigantic success it is without the female audience, so what makes this action flick so great for women?
In this new Hey, That's My Cape! Jill revisits Digital Comics and talks about how she's converted all the way over.
Comic-Con International: San Diego is a behemoth of a show, and ticketing just doesn't seem to be getting better. Jill takes a look at some possibl...
Jill Pantozzi stops by her weekly column to review Justice League: Doom, the latest DC Animated feature film!
Jill takes another look at the Kevin Smith AMC Comic Book Men series, now having seen a few episodes.
Jill has finally dove into the world of digital comics and reports on what she's found so far.
This week, Jill talks a bit about what it takes to work on the journalism side of the comic book industry.
Jill Pantozzi takes a look at the latest offering from Archaia, finding Henson's lost screenplay a real treat.
Jill Pantozzi reviews 2011, a busy year in geekdom, and what made her laugh, cry and fan-rage.
Jill declares her love for Christian Bale and the trailer for DARK KNIGHT RISES.
Jill looks at actor Chad Michael Murray's new end-of-days title from Archaia, EVERLAST.
It's that time of year... for the obligatory thankful post! See what Jill Pantozzi is thankful for inside.
Marvel Comics has canceled X-23, a prominent female character book by a prominent female writer, & Jill explores what's left.
Fables and fairy tales have made it to TV... but how do they compare to FABLES, the comic that brought them to the modern day? Jill explores.
This week Jill laments a move that takes her away from a great comic shop, and describes what LCSes should strive for
Stuck on Halloween this year? Try one of these minimalist costumes and be one of your favorite comic characters!
The Nerdy Bird is back with another convention recap, this time checking out the big apple and it's growing-massive convention!