EXPLORE Post Game TV Recaps: Genre TV, Condensed

Fringe continues, with more teases than revelations, and Chanel is back with your recap
Troubled Doll Echo is programmed to be the best mother... & she takes her programming a bit too far
For a show about powers, there's not a lot of power usage, but what little we saw was worth noting. Read on for a recap
Bucking the trend, Dollhouse has in fact returned to air. How did Whedon and Dushku's second season start off?
It was a two parter to kick off Heroes Season 4. Is this the Heroes of old or still stuck in a rut?
Smallville is back, and Clark is wearing the symbol of the House of El, ready to be a full time hero. So how's that working out?
We're back with a look at the second episode of the season, which didn't provide answers but did provide thrills
No sophomore slump for Fringe, Chanel happily reports in the first of our Fall 2009 Post Game reports