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The Rev is back with a recap of last week's Smallville, introducing SPEEDY and... at last... THE KISS
Troy has the first recap of the re-imagining of V. How'd things shake out in the first episode?
There's no shortage of plot developments this week, with oodles of time travel, death, mission statements, and more
On this episode of "GREEN ARROW" our hero gets captured by the gamesmaster Roulette. Wait, what?
This week's episode started with action then FlashForward Re-wound. Plus, news on Guggenheim's departure
In this Halloween themed episode, there's more Parkman-Sylar, more Claire, and plenty of new drama
Sierra's origin is fully revealed in what Barb calls one of the best episodes yet of the series
Sylar's coming back in full force next week, and this is how he gets there...
Clark gains a new ability for awhile, & does what any guy would do; uses it to get the object of his desire
It's the last episode until November, and Fringe is going out with a reveal and plenty of teases to keep viewers guessing
New Episodes are finally airing as Season 1 wraps up, and we have your recap here. First Hawk & Dove then OMAC Shows up!
Most of the focus this time was on Olivia, but more hints and revelations abounded for the whole crew
Nathan/Sylar rises from the grave, and Claire joins a Sorority. Yup, Heroes keeps on trucking, and we keep recapping
Dollhouse is doing better, but the story may have stumbled a bit with this last week's episode
"If anyone was getting bored with Fringe in this season, this episode was sure to draw viewers back." Find out why inside!
It's Clark vs. "28 Days Later" Style Zombies! Do you need to know more? Read on!
Heroes continues to look for Redemption in this fourth season. A few weeks into it, how's that going? Russ takes a look
Smallville brought in more Superman mythos with last week's episode featuring John Corben, Metallo