EXPLORE Post Game TV Recaps: Genre TV, Condensed

Weddings, Nazi Scientists, vicious neurotoxins. Is there anything else you really want out of a TV show?
Smallville is back, and before we get to that big superhero team, Ollie has to get his groove back
Chuck has another new person in his life. Is she friend, foe, or something in between?
In a mostly stand-alone episode, one character learned something she probably shouldn't have. Chanel has your recap
Captain Awesome is in trouble, and it's up to Chuck and his team, including a new member, to save the day
The Justice Society of America stopped by Batman The Brave and the Bold for one heck of a team-up; The Rev has your recap
Casey the hero, Captain Awesome the temporary spy, and Chuck the handler? What the heck is going on here?
Chuck's new season is trucking along quickly. We're catching up with recaps of Season 3 episodes
Heroes may not have as many people watching as it did in Season 1, but Russ is back w/ another recap for the faithful
Heroes continues to roll along, and Mohinder finally has good dialogue. Check out the recap right here!
Fringe is back with new episodes, and Chanel is back with new Recaps. Funny how that coincided
Lan's back with recaps of not 1 but TWO episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. You ready for some GL and Aqua-fun?
Chuck is back! And we've got your recap; 1 of 3 new episodes last week! Three!
HEROES is back, and so is Russ, with your (slightly delayed) recaps
David Tennant's journey as the 10th Doctor is at an end. How'd his finally battle play out?
Four Knocks. The End for a Doctor. And of course, the Master. We have Part 1's recap right here.
The Doctor takes a trip to Mars, finds out just how solid some time is, and hears the drum beats of the end of his song
Batman the Brave and the Bold is back with new episodes, and The Rev is back with your latest recap!