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It's the big finale, a big bang, and more than one big surprise in the Eleventh Doctor's first season ender.
The beginning of the end! Part one of the season finale to Matt Smith's first go as The Doctor has aired, & Vinnie has your recap & trivia here
The Doctor takes a bit of an unexpected and forced Holiday from his adventures on the TARDIS, in a rare comedic episode
After last episode's tragedy, The Doctor and Amy visit one of the greatest artists of all time
Vinnie's back with this week's recap, trivia, and look ahead as the season approaches its end
Vinnie takes his weekly look at last weekend's BBC America-aired Doctor Who episode, "The Hungry Earth"
The Doctor encounters Vampires, but like all things Who, all is not as it seems on this adventure to Venice.
Vinnie has the recap for this week's Doctor Who, with some big possible game changers inside
Two of the most fascinating creations from Steven Moffat's work on Doctor Who so far; The Weeping Angels and River Song rejoin
The Doctor's greatest enemies, the Daleks are here to face his eleventh incarnation. But something is different...
The Doctor & new companion Amy Pond fly off on their first interstellar adventure. Who are the Smilers & what is the Beast Below?
Doctor Who is back, with a new face, a new TARDIS, a new companion, & new episodes! We have your recap here
Before another new episode, check out our recaps of the last two, which shared some major themes
Episode 3 of the final season of LOST was a Kate-centric episode w/more questions & answers about the "sideways" world
The JSA came and went; re-live the big moments here with The Rev in his recap of last week's movie event
Fringe is off the air for a couple of months again, but before it left, it had a DOOZY of an episode
We have recaps of two recent episodes, as Sidekicks Assemble and Metal Men Clash!
Welcome to our all new LOST column, where Troy takes you inside the final season and sees what's going on at our favorite Island