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Lucas and Seth have a big round of Game Reviews, some good, some great, some not so much
We had more time with Wolvie's new game, including a few boss battles. Has it held up now that it's ready for stores?
At WDC this week, OnLive was announced. What is it and what does it mean for Mac, PC, and Console gamers?
Activision's other super-power game of the summer is coming soon. Lucas takes a look
Lucas has tons of new info about the game from his conversation with Raven's Dan Vondrakk
Lucas got to play Wolverine's new game last week, and he loved it. Find out why inside!
Lucas spent an hour with DCUO & came back with tons of info, screens, & teases
So many games, so little time. Here are the ones that fell through the cracks.
Yet another Lord of the Rings Game, Lucas tries to play long enough to review an epic fail
Wildstorm is at it again with more video game to comic work. How does this one pan out?
Lucas is about a year and a half late to this party, but he's glad he got to this hack-n-slash winner
The latest James Bond outing, Quantum of Solace saw a $70.4 million weekend opening in the US, setting a franchise record
We caught up with Ed Brubaker to talk about Angel of Death - his live action episodic story coming from Sony's Crackle.com
U.S. Sales of videogames fells in September of last year's pace, but those figures come with one big caveat
Geoff Johns is taking his expansive knowledge of the DC Universe to the next level, writing the backstory and adventures for Sony's DC Universe Online
We sat down with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows' Executive Producer Burke Drane about the game, its system, and loads more
Over eight years after its initial release, Sony is coming out with a new version of the PlayStation 2. Why? Good question - Lucas answers
The artist who created his look in the comic books, Todd McFarlane, has an opinion on Sony's planned 'Venom' movie