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Marvel and Sony are teaming up for IRON MAN: RISE OF TECHNOVORE, also featuring Black Widow, Hawkeye and Punisher
The director and star of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN are both on board for a sequel, already scheduled for May 2, 2014
The first reviews of risky reboot AMAZING SPIDER-MAN are beginning to emerge, and they are very positive.
Catch up on the highlights of Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo's E3 press conferences, and see who's winning the week
We're heading to LA for E3 2012 next week, and preview just a few of the things that we're excited to see here.
Barry Sonnenfeld discusses returning to the franchise after a decade away, and shares fond memories of THE TICK live-action series
Not content to let the AVENGERS release and DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer soak up all the hype, here's a new look at Spidey
What's worthwhile in Anaheim this year, at WonderCon 2012? Here are 10 things worthy of your attention at the con.
In a new local spot for MLB: THE SHOW 12, the Cubs win the World Series. We talk with an ad analyst about the unconventional ad.
The second full DLC expansion pack for DC Universe Online is coming this year, adding The Flash, Electricity, and more!
The MMORPG starring DC's roster of superheroes will be free to download and free to play starting in October
One of Japan's biggest authors wrote a novelization of ICO, and thanks to Viz Media, it's now coming to the US.
Sony's PlayStation brand took the stage in Germany for their press presentation, showing off upcoming titles & announcing a global price drop.
The latest video game license to get its own comic book series at DC is Uncharted, the hit Sony adventure game the for PS3.
In the upcoming DLC pack 'Fight for the Light,' the game adds hard light powers, plus the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps
The latest update to DC Universe Online stars Green Lantern and introduces light powers to the game, here's a peek
We did see more from Sony PlayStation at E3 than just Uncharted and the Vita, so see what else you don't want to miss!
Journey is a new PlayStation Network game that has to be experienced to be understood; check out some early footage here.