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So how was the Geoff Johns-written episode of Smallville? OJ Flow takes a look, and comes back with two thumbs up
Tonight's Smallville sees the Legion of Super-Heroes visit Clark Kent, and episode writer Geoff Johns tells us all about it
Jimmy and Chloe go to the chapel, Oliver hunts Lex Luthor, and Doomsday makes his move. It's the final episode of Smallville for 08 - so how was it?
Doomsday looms closer on Smallville, Chole loses and regains her memory, and the Fortress is breached. So what did you think of this past week's Sm...
Kara returns, as does the Phantom Zone, Ollie and more in what OJ says was one of the season's most compelling episodes to date
The secret vs. super identity issue begins to get explored in the seventh episode of Smallville's new season
Doomsday draws closer for (and to) Clark, Chloe gets drawn deeper into the Isis Foundation, and more in this week's Smallville
Lan takes a look at this week's episode of Smallville that saw Jimmy and Chloe kidnapped, changes with Lois and Clark and overall, a so-so episode
OJ takes a wander through last week's Smallville episode which saw the introduction of Maxima, a villain from Action Comics
More Green Arrow goodness, and more shaking down with Clark, Lois, and the rest of the gang. OJ takes a look at "Toxic."
Dick Grayson will get the Smallville treatment as The CW has approved The Graysons, a series based on Robin before he was Robin
Smallville has returned for its eighth season, and we've got your rundown of the first two episodes, which saw the Justice League and Plastique
As the series heads into its 8 & final season, we speak with 2 of the showrunners charged with seeing it off with a bang
They have big shoes to fill. One has to replace Lex Luthor, the other live up to being Superman's killer
Through all the changes entering its final, 8th season, Smallville's "Chloe Sullivan" has been from the beginning
Aaron Ashmore, now a regular as Jimmy Olsen on 'Smallville' is looking for character growth in the upcoming new season
Paralleling the original story, the Legion of Superheroes will visit Smallville this season, courtesy of Geoff Johns
Dramatic changes are in store for 'Smallville' in the upcoming 8th season and we discuss with executive producer Darren Swimmer