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Smallville Season 10, the final season, will play host to guest stars galore; the producers stop by to give some big new teases
Jimmy Olsen and SMALLVILLE's Chloe Sullivan co-star in the ACTION COMICS co-feature from the writer of MORNING GLORIES
Smallville is starting its 10th and final season in a couple months, and this panel should be a doozy!
James Marsters began his guest sting on Caprica Friday Night, now he talks about the show, Smallville, Torchwood, & more
Smallville gets a 10th Season from the CW, citing great ratings on Friday nights this year. Early details here.
Before another new episode, check out our recaps of the last two, which shared some major themes
The JSA came and went; re-live the big moments here with The Rev in his recap of last week's movie event
See the Justice Society of America in full live-action glory on tonight's episode of Smallville, on the CW at 8/7 Central
Smallville is back, and before we get to that big superhero team, Ollie has to get his groove back
Check out this sneak peek clip of Smallvile: Absolute Justice, the 2-hour Geoff Johns-penned special event airing Feb 5, 2010 on the CW.
The future Lois visited stands revealed, and boy do things look bleak under that red sun...
It's quick, but FILLED with some amazing images; the first teaser trailer to Geoff Johns' 2-hour Smallville Event
Wonder Twin Powers: ACTIVATE! It's what everyone has been waiting for. The Wonder Twins in Live Action!
Zod, Jor-El, many other Kryptonians; it's a big showdown, and Clark is not happy.
The Rev is back with a recap of last week's Smallville, introducing SPEEDY and... at last... THE KISS
In this exclusive interview with Cassidy Freeman, we find out what's in store for Tess & get some teases about the rest of Season 9
On this episode of "GREEN ARROW" our hero gets captured by the gamesmaster Roulette. Wait, what?
Clark gains a new ability for awhile, & does what any guy would do; uses it to get the object of his desire