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Erica Durance stops by to chat about the second half of the final season of Smallville, & being part of the Lois Lane Legacy.
His run just 2 issues old, Jeff Lemire is already a tenured veteran in DC's Superman office. We talk with the SUPERBOY writer.
Check out images from this week's episode of Smallville, including guest stars Hawkman & Stargirl and... a proposal?
With SMALLVILLE ending at the end of this season, the network is developing a series based on Teen Titans character RAVEN
Lionel Luthor is back? Well, kind of. On this week's Smallville, a parallel universe opens the door to a return for the schemer, & John Glover talk...
A name known to all Superman fans, "Luthor" is the one-word title to this week's episode of Smallville. Get FIVE preview clips inside!
Aquaman returns to Smallville tonight, with other guests in tow, & Alan Ritchson tells us what to expect.
Aquaman returns with his wife Mera, and our heroes tangle with Deathstroke the Terminator for the first time!
Granny Goodness, Mad Harriet, and Teri Hatcher? It's a guest-star packed episode of Smallville tonight, and we have you
General Lane is back in town with his other daughter, Lucy, in tow. What are they up to, & what does it have to do with
The Vigilante Registration Act is coming, and Clark is scared of the dangers, but not just to himself. See two preview clips here.
#Smallville has another big episode this Friday, with secrets shared, and a possession causing trouble for Lois
Newsarama talks to Laura Vandervoort (Lisa, Queen Anna's Daughter) from the V television series about her character, also talks about playing Super...
The 200th episode of #SMALLVILLE airs this Friday, and the producers stop by with a LOT of big hints about the show
Brainiac 5, Smallville High, Future versions of current characters... holy cow, this MUST be an anniversary episode!
Supergirl returns to Smallville with a new/old look, and we have the preview clips right here for you.
After last night's Cat Grant episode, take a look at this gallery of images from next week's episode, "Supergirl!"
Cat Grant is coming to Smallville, and Keri Lynn Pratt has hints on Deadshot, Gordon Godfrey and more!