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SMALLVILLE star Tom Welling discusses the possibility of reprising his role for CBS's SUPERGIRL.
LAURA VANDERVOORT among two new castings for the CBS live-action series.
Is SUPERGIRL "super" enough to make list? We take stock of what's on top for comics-to-TV projects.
The second-generation screenwriter talks about his 7-part series exploring the early days of Clark Kent.
Laura Vandervoort tells EW she's in talks to appear in an episode of CBS' SUPERGIRL.
We are entering a new age at DC Comics, with multiverse and more than one crisis reaching into every corner of their publishing. Vaneta Rogers take...
See what's coming from DC Digital with the creators behind the titles, right here!
Lee Thompson Young, best known to DC fans as Smallville's Cyborg, has been reported dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
The artist talks about her art, PHANTOM LADY, SMALLVILLE, and STAR WARS @ NYCC 2012.
Jill dissects last week's series finale of the long-running series that made her "happy, mad and a little sad"
Ten years. Ten seasons. Tons of guest stars. And some massive failures. We celebrate the series finale of Smallville here!
Smallville is coming to an end this week, and the producers have lots of teases for anxious viewers.
The end is nigh. Smallville ends its ten year run this week, and we have the final preview clips & interviews about the show.
Jeff Lemire keeps getting nominated for Eisners. His latest is for SUPERBOY, which kicks off an "epic" summer story today.
Zod is back in "Dominion" as Smallville super-speeds to its series finale. See a clip here!
With the finale near, Callum Blue reprises his role as Zod in a Justin Hartley-directed episode premiering April 29.
Smallville returns this Friday, as it speeds to the series finale faster than a, well, you know.
Check out images from the Geoff Johns-penned episode of Smallville, "Booster," with high-res looks at Booster Gold.