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From a Sand Snake to a Daughter of the Dragon, reportedly.
Dawn of... Age Of... eh, it's just WAR of DC and Marvel's two biggest super-teams.
Tom Hiddleston steps in to deliver a local news weather report with magical accuracy.
The Canadian Office of Library and Archives has released the official military records for James Howlett, A.K.A. WOLVERINE.
A new HAWKEYE fan film based on the recent series has been released, featuring Clint, Kate, Pizza Dog, and more.
Raelle Tucker joins the show as it prepares for a new season.
-Force, -Factor, -Statix, -Terminators, -Babies, -Treme, and a whole lot more.
Can you guess how this storyboard relates to the identity of Star-Lord's father?
Disney's bi-annual convention coming less than a week and a day's drive from SDCC.
Check out a two-part promo image released by Marvel for DEAD NO MORE.
MARVEL is offering retailers a special kit to host their own CIVIL WAR II launch party.
CIVIL WAR II writer Brian Michael Bendis and more open up at WonderCon.
Who's dying to die in the Marvel U?
Get your first look at SCARLET WITCH #5 from Marvel Comics.
From Iron Fist to Nick Fury, Beast, Angela and more!
Marvel and Disney are the latest film studios to say they will not film in Georgia any more should a law that allows anti-gay discrimination pass.
This week the two titles confirm their end -- one actually in the comic book itself.