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Another new batch of Marvel variant covers, including SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #20 & X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM #2.
Marvel is at it again, starting the new week with their 8th & 9th new teasers - HIGHER & SINNERS - since Wednesday.
The writer discusses talking The Indestructible Hulk back to this origin, the secret identity of the Chronarchists, and the potential for a new HU...
Artist Shawn Crystal trades out Super-Crazy Deadpool for Super-Thief in FANTOMEX MAX
Marvel's back with its 6th & 7th All-New Marvel NOW! teasers of this week - GLOBAL and THE END.
And the return of a villain from OSBORN that ties into Marvel’s next big event.
The Best Shots team is back with their quick reviews for the week, including Uncanny Avengers, Sex Criminals, and more.
Luke Cage & Iron Fist bring their hired-hands to the pages of this exclusive THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #4 preview.
The All-New Marvel NOW! wave continues with word of an upcoming new SHE-HULK ongoing series.
An exclusive preview of the first issue of the 3-issue crossover special.
Marvel is back with new teasers, this time hinting at new projects from BRIAN BENDIS.
DR. MCNINJA himself, Christopher Hastings, shows how hard it is for a lucky Longshot to make it in the Marvel Universe… and yes, there’s jetpacks.
Agent Coulson, Nick Fury (Jr.), and Maria Hill hit the comic book page to battle THANOS' invading forces in this exclusive first look.
Here's the 1st pages from the next ULTIMATE UNIVERSE event CATACLYSM.
From the YOUNG AVENGERS to The X-Men Schools and *gulp* AVENGERS ARENA, Marvel writers tell us why it's hard to be a kid.
Take a look at some of the biggest releases of the last week with the best shots crew!
What did Howard Stark do to thwart the alien robot 451? Find out a bit of it here in this first look.
Inhumanity is coming in December, and the architect behind it all, Matt Fraction, tells us more about the new Marvel Universe status quo.